Welcome to the revamped website of the SRRD!


The Society for Rehabilitation Research and Development (SRRD) has been operating under its current name since 2003 as a forum for those working in the field of rehabilitation. The society was originally founded in 1985 under the name of the Finnish Society of Medical Rehabilitation. It adopted its current name to better reflect the multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation.

The constitution of the society sets out its purpose in four parts. Firstly, the society promotes the rehabilitation of disabled, handicapped and elderly persons by developing service systems. Secondly, the society promotes cooperation in rehabilitation. Thirdly, the society acts as an expert and cooperation organization in rehabilitation research, training and development. Fourthly, the society strives to promote multidisciplinary rehabilitation research and development activities.

The society’s activities include presenting proposals and initiatives, disseminating information, organizing training and discussion sessions, publishing material, and promoting international cooperation and interaction. The Special Qualifications Committee is the most active committee of the society. On the basis of the qualifications programme designed by the committee, the Finnish Medical Association has granted special qualifications in rehabilitation to 300 physicians. 2015 SRRD organized, together with the EFRR (the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation), an international congress on rehabilitation research in Finland. The congress assemled about 400 professionals and specialists in rehabilitation.


Come and join us to promote rehabilitation development and cooperation!